About the Artist

Anne C. Brink Visit Anne's other websites: artforhealthandpeace.com and artforhealthandpeace.etsy.com

Throughout my art career of more than 20 years I have always worked at the intersection of art and spirituality. I am very passionate about art with a spiritual focus, bringing visual art into spiritual concerns, and bringing an awareness of spirit into my artwork. For many years, I mainly portrayed Biblical scenes and scenes of Jesus’ life, painted modern interpretations of Christian stories, and created art for use in churches. I still do frequent commissioned pieces for churches and illustrations for Christian publications of many kinds.

Recently, however, I have become interested in and moved in my work to a broader spirituality that includes all people and all religious faiths. This spirituality is based on connection with God (of any religion) and connection with other people, community, and the world. A chief spiritual concern of my work is to provoke thought and discussion about what spirit/spirituality is and how it can help people of all faiths grow and mature, and resolve issues and conflicts that divide us.

I am a Christian who emphasizes the teachings of Christianity and other religions. I’m especially interested in the teaching about the importance of loving God and loving one’s neighbor. To me, it is the power of spirit that enables us to make these connections and to know and love deeply both God and other people. read more ...